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How do establish brand awareness and patent technology?

    1.Establish brand awareness: the so-called brand awareness refers to the basic idea of  a business brand and brand building, it is a comprehensive reflection of the concept of brand values, brand resources, and the brand equity , brand competition , the development of the brand , brand strategy and brand building. It can be said that the brand awareness created a strong brand for companies to develop brand strategy ,and become the strategic awareness to lead winning business in the modern competitive economy.
    2.Establish a sense of innovation: enterprise, only to attempt can have a career. attempt and innovate, while breakthrough. Enterprises should change the concept of pursue the profit maximization to the concept of sustainable growth. Innovate technology and increase the technology content constantly.
    3. Establish a patent awareness: for research and practice of corporate intellectual property strategy, patent strategy is a policy source areas and the part of relatively maturity . Patent , plays a vital role as intellectual property rights in the development of enterprises, establishment and perfect the patent strategy is a necessary means to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises in the domestic and foreign competition of the market, companies must as soon as possible to grasp the national conditions , to master the rules, avoid risks, to master self-defense art of patent protection and the path to victory.
    4.Government support: to grasp and respond to new government policies and  support policies of industry actively . The development of enterprises is the key to revitalize and led the development of the family fame.

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