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The Current Situation of Mining Machinery and Equipment

   With the socio-economic development and accelerated circulation of commodities , so that more and more intense competition with similar goods between industries, companies often race to control the target customers not only is the competition of quality but also the technology, style, brand competition. However,brand competition is the key for a business to obtain a large number of target customers and occupied the market quickly.
   Mining Machinery is an industry specialized in producing all kinds of mining machinery and the practice of mining machinery , however, due to the development of economic and increasing consumer demand as well as considerable profits,more and more companies flowing into the industry. However, the increase of the enterprise make the target customer market fragmented, the space of profit shrinked largely,manufacturers often counterfeit production based on the existing mechanical equipment on the market,rather than innovation and upgrading  technology in content. A new products will be imitated and copied soon once emerged,foreign products largely invaded and competitive pressures is increasing in the market.
    Disordered in the domestic market competition and industry product updates slow, and the long cycle of the technology, all that constraints are the key to the development of the mining machinery industry, how to make this industry rapidly enhance product value and enhance the technical content in order to promote the development of the whole industry and deal with the competitive pressure of foreign manufacturers is the most important issue that the domestic mining machinery industry facing.

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