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How do maintain the oil press accessories

For the use of the oil press accessories must understand the methods of operation, including in the use of the process, we certainly are aware of the oil press which is a good brand, that brand is more practical, some accessories will need to loosen the lock nutturn the adjustment screw counterclockwise, so that the cone of virgin snails arrived in tight circle of the cone of cake, then clockwise to adjust the screw, then tighten the nut, ready to boot. Machine connected three-phase four-wire power, the power is turned on, the spindle should be the counterclockwise rotation, in any case, the machine must have a good grounding device, or can not boot. Adjust the temperature controller transferred to squeeze the required temperature of 120 ℃ -180 ℃ opening the heat switch to the host heated location, a sudden stop: squeeze early virgin bore grinding heat that a large number caused by feeding can be used to heat the oil seed slowly feed repeatedly mill, the temperature rise. Crushing process, the virgin bore feed off, and then a lot of feed, resulting in nesting poor, virgin bore caused by oil clogging. Therefore, feeding should be continuous and uniform, the cake is not too thin. The event of failure, should immediately turn off the power feed adjustment plate Chasi stop feeding and nesting panels open, down to open the screw axis, so that exit. Then remove the oil bore and squeeze again. Excessive running slag: individual virgin bent or gap is too large. Remove the extra virgin influenza pressed with gauze or Whetstone three convex side polished, straight virgin Article reinstall, if necessary, to pad some thin metal, so that gaps remain in the range of 0.05-0.08 mm. Oil plastic is not good, a difficult cake to make the machine chamber pressure increases. Should be the right amount of oil mixed with water, and the mill, oil press machine temperature to improve the plasticity of oil. Heating in the machine, then the temperature controller on the green light, red light is off when the machine temperature to rise to the set temperature, while the red light green light off, the temperature of the machine is automatically controlled and maintained at the set temperature in winter low temperature, the heating switches open to host all heating position, so that the temperature of the oil pan, easy oil left behind.
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