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The development trend of China's hydraulic brick machine

      First:China's hydraulic brick machine used the import of high-tech from German company Siemens, high-precision components and hydraulic parts, It is high-grade domestic like press brick machine, the equipment have strong production capacity, high production , full-featured, the variety of production products, and mass production;
      Second: Compared with ordinary brick machine, hydraulic brick machine have low noise, low power consumption, and can save 40 per electricity.
      Third: The high degree of automation equipment, After setting a good brick size, intensity, products that don't reach requirements can automatically return to the raw materials warehouse, stir the material before repression.
      Fourth: The sale price is one-third of similar foreign products.
      Fifth: the hydraulic press instead of repression, from the bottom up in order to overcome the old-fashioned presses easy red state, resulting in mold damage defects.
      Sixth: As the new press machine's exhaust is good, it can produce hollow bricks continuously for a long time.

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