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Repair and maintenance of Hydraulic oil press

Hydraulic oil press is buss kagyu's designed on the basis of the principle of hydraulics,In airtight oil cylinder, the pressure of high pressure oil pump piston is very small,Through the liquid (oil) transfer the pressure to the hydraulic cylinder piston oil mill, and use the differences of the two piston diameter, resulting in a considerable work always thrust, pressure can reach 230 tons, so called 230 type hydraulic oil press.
China press net hydraulic oil press is a machine for professional pressed sesame oil, it can press sesame seeds, walnuts, sesame, almonds and other raw materials, each charging 6-8 kg, 8 to 10 minutes to squeeze net, squeezed out of the net oil filter oil is good, we can eat them.
Hydraulic machine maintenance and maintenance needs attention:
First, we should often pay attention to keep clean on the surface of the cylinder piston, and we don't make it stick on dirt or grease.
Second, we should be sure to clarify no miscellaneous hydraulic oil within the tank.Oil must be filtered in removing impurity, to ensure the oil unimpeded.Hydraulic oil is in commonly used after a certain period of time,it  have to filter or replace new oil.
Third, oil pump pressure is not too strong, otherwise the whole hydraulic system impact will make pressure equipment, and its accessories are easy to be destroyed, thus influence the service life.Oil cylinder oil return, too,we  must ease evenly to make high pressure oil back into the tank.
Fourth, the stirrup pump lever (also known as the handle) operation, it can lengthen, and it also cannot from side to side, so as not to damage parts.
Fifth, the relief valve cann't be taken apart, more do not adjust the spring.If make its ability to withstand oil pressure more than the above, it will pipe blasting or cylinder burst accidents.
Sixth, we should regularly check the usage of hydraulic oil press, especially for vulnerable parts need more.Such as cup, sealing ring, steel balls, oil pump, piston and so on.If we discover some wear and tear, affects the safe operation,we should be timely repair or replacement.The general equipment, a regular inspection, cleaning and repair work should be done.
Seventh, equipment when not in use, we shall be scrubbed clean.For easy to rust parts ,we should also be applied in oil, and the paper or kraft paper wrap.
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