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Instructions and troubleshooting of Hydraulic oil press

Instructions and troubleshooting of Hydraulic oil press

Oil press is mainly composed of electric control, automatic heating, adjustment, such as transmission and vacuum filter oil components.Squeezer alloy steel by carburizing treatment, enhance the surface hardness and wear resistance;Press row after surface grinding machine grinding, guarantee the accuracy of oil line, improve the yield efficiency.Distribution, vacuum, automatic heating, such as standard parts, choose domestic well-known brand, optimize the machine configuration.Machine on the surface of stainless steel and chrome plating processing, in line with food hygiene standards.

The use of hydraulic oil press maintenance:

1,Before the opening press and press,we should pay  attention to maintain clean sanitation.We must pay attention to the surface of the piston, the piston surface adhesion of dirt and oil to wash clean in time.We always pay attention to whether the hydraulic oil in the tank is clean, when we fill  to the fuel tank filter,we should be careful .If it is used after a period of time, we found the oil is not clean, we should be timely released filtering, or replace the new oil.

2, when using the pump pressure, we should pay attention to maintain reasonable pressure, it is not too strong,In case the oil shock damages  hydraulic parts.When pressure is lower, we should open the oil return valve firstly,When the oil tank is back into the inside of oil cylinder, we should open valve slowly ,  in order to avoid a sudden drop in pressure.When it is used , it is forbidden to adjust the relief valve to 40 million mpa pressure gauge readings (more than 400 kg/cm2), to avoid the pipeline or oil cylinder appears burst.It is forbidden to lengthen pump swing handle, to prevent the overload operation components.It is forbidden to make the relief valve, in order to avoid valve sleeve wear lose elasticity from exhaustion, spring in the relief valve failure

3.we should  Pay attention to the timely maintenance of the hydraulic oil press in operation,We should pay attention to the operation condition of the machine usually,For vulnerable parts (such as cup, sealing device, steel ball, piston, etc.) ,we should pay attention to regularly check, repair and replacement in time.For loose nut to tighten, we should be conducted on a regular basis for maintenance and cleaning machine.when the Hydraulic oil press stops using,we should be sure  the machine fully wipes clean.In the place daub that are easy to rust,Daub grease, wrapped in paper or kraft paper again, in case of rusty.

二、the common faults of elimination method:

1,Oil pump does not suck oil maintenance, if dirt clogging oil screen, oil screen should be unpick and wash.If the oil is used for a long time, Led by sediment attached on the oil valve is not closed,a new oil or release the old oil filter should be replaced and clean the oil valve.If it is enough medium oil tank , add oil to the fuel tank.If it is not into the vacuum pump, it can pull out the small piston, again after injection oil pressure.

2.The pump pressure is insufficient maintenance,If the valve is dirt or bad sealing ,which can unpick and wash after grinding,make it closed.If the oil mill feed valve plug poor contact with the valve seat,which can unpick and wash after grinding,make it closed.If oil press in and out of the valve plug and seat poor contact or not tighten the oil spill,We can grinding oil inlet valve plug and seat on board, make its closed or tighten the screw.If ia small piston and the pump body wear after the clearance is too large, we should replace the new pump.

3.The oil cylinder and piston leak repair, if it  caused by the wrong skin bowl bowl up.We should be in the correct way to cup.If belong to cup burst damage, should be replaced a new cup.

4 when the relief valve fail to repair, if it belongs to the oil contamination in ball valve does not seal,We should clean the relief valve, remove dirt , making steel  ball valves closed.If it is spring lose elasticity and it can't bear high pressure, new springs should be replaced immediately.If the adjustment screw is loose, resulting in pressure jump valve not to stipulations.We should adjust screw again,to make it meet the pressure valve jump again,If it is often overpressure homework, it causes bruise on steel ball valve.We should be reground the valve again , replace the new ball, and pay attention to the process operation.

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