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Centrifugal Oil Filter

Centrifugal Oil Filter

The birth of intelligent refining machine (patent product) is another discovery of the human society, He improved the quality of the cooking oil; to solve the difficult problem of the oil filter. Filled the domestic blank, he is the oil filter era, epoch-making progress. It is really intelligent, environmentally friendly, energy saving. The use of the magic effect will give you a feeling of surprise once being used.

Highlights of refining machine: no filter cloth, safety and non-pressure , in addition to high efficiency, patented product, easy of operation.

Ten top advantages of centrifugal oil filter:
1.Intelligent operation
Poured crude oil that was put the water in into the feed inlet, the intelligent automatic feed; automatic diesel Separation; automatic discharge of oil, manual slagging; automatically shut down, more than 90% lower labor intensity than using the oil filter.
2.Intelligent response
Non-chemical reaction, without any chemical element, do not lose color, don't go to taste, no oil residue,non-greasy, to maintain oil authentic. Oil is clean.
3.Intelligent separation of oil residue
Rate of separation is 100%, more than 50% better than the oil filter in effect, and the oil refined can be eaten directly, barrels for sale. The oil filtered by oil filter have a residue rate of more than 2%.
4.Intelligent and environmental protection
Separation  of oil residue is not use cloth, do not shovel the residue, shovel residue once a day, more 0.4% of the oil than using the oil filter every hundred pounds of oil crops. Annual savings a cloth money of $ 500 than using the oil filter.
The refining is fast. Refining a barrel of oil cycle for 4-5 minutes per hour can be refined more than 300-500 kg a day, without a kWh ,saving energy more 80% than oil filter.
6.Intelligent loss
Refining of the machine has no resistance or no wear, long life, no maintenance. saving more several hundred dollars in the expenditure in an average year than the oil filter.
7.Security of performance is strong
Safety factor is more higher 100% than the pressure oil filter .
8.Novel design
The machine is made of stainless steel, small size, light weight, small footprint, small and exquisite, the structure is compact, elegant appearance.
9.Intelligent maintenance
Slagging and oil outlet by the machine,auto maintenance, without the human, can react.
10.High rate of oil outlet
The use of intelligent refining machine, no cloth, where oily residue. Oil filter using a filter cloth achieve a average of about 0.5 kg oil absorption;

Instructions of refining machine:
1.Fixed machine screws before starting the machine, to determine the direction of rotation for the host.
2.Start the timer switch, the machine starts working.
3.Pour crude oil into the funnel.
4.Place slag pots well.
5.Automatic slagging, as long as the machine upside down, oil residue is discharge automatically ;Manual slagging machines, fix the turn well and then manual slag discharge ware to clockwise 1-2 laps, garnish with slag discharge the residue of dug out.

Technology parameters of Centrifugal Oil Filter:

Standard Says Rated Flow Filtering Accuracy Actuating Pressure Gross Power Overall Weight Overall Dimensions
T-ZXL10 10 1
0.37 35 200*200*300
T-ZXLX10 10 0.75 70 600*500*700
T-ZXLX20 20 1.5 90 700*500*800
T-ZXLX30 30 2.2 110 800*500*800

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