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Forage Pulverizer

Forage pulverizer

Features of forage pulverizer:
The machine is mainly composed of the upper body, feeding hopper,the lower body, feeding roller cutter, rotor,wind machine,discharging tube, chassis and motor,etc.

Working principle of forage pulverizer:
The materials should be fed into the pulverizing chamber through the feeding hopper evenly with the right amount. There is the hammer rotating at the high speed in the chamber. And the gear board is installed in the upper body so that the materials will be pulverized into powder under the action of the hammer's beating, tearing and friction of the hammer and then under the action of the clutch force and the pressure of the pulverizer inferior vena, the powder materials will be blowed away by the inferior vena through the screen holes and then they will be conveyed into the centrifugal discharging device or aggregate.
The machine is suitable to the middle and small rural pig farms, pig raiser and the sideline processing factories.

The processing arrange of forage pulverizer:
Coarse fodder: powder bran like potato seedling, peanut seedling, dry weeds and dry millet straw,etc.
Concentrated fodder:sorghum, corn,potato stem, and shredded bean cake,etc.
Green fodder: pulping the fresh potato seedling, grass, potato,and sweet potatoes,etc.

Technical parameters of forage pulverizer:

Model Production capacity (Kg/h) Power (KW) Hammer number (piece) Spindle rotation speed (r/min) Components
180 3FS 80-100 2.2 16 1444.00 Motor
3FC 100-120 2.2 16 4000.00 Motor
420 3FS 260-400 7.5 24 2780.00 Motor
3FC 300-500 7.5 16 4100.00 Motor、shaq dragon
500 3FS 450-800 11 24 2960.00 Motor
3FC 500-900 15 24 4000.00 Motor、shaq dragon
600 3FS 800-1000 22 24 2960.00 Motor
3FC 900-2000 30 36 3440.00 Motor、shaq dragon

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