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Pulverizing-straw Combinational Machine

Pulverizing-straw combinational machine

Pulverizing straw combinational machine also can be called straw-pulverizer which has low cost, reliable functions and simple operation. Besides, it is suitable to pulverizing various grain,forage and the multiple function pulverizer which is a good helper for pulverizing straw. Its cutting assembly contains the spiral blade welded with the spindle, the blade fixing plate on the top of the machine and the blade on the plate. The pulverizing assembly contains the supporting board installed in the spindly equidistantly and the corresponding set of pin holes. The pin shaft fixes the hammer with holes on the supporting board through the pin holes. When the machine is pulverizing, the blades on the different pin shafts and the hammer holes in the end of supporting board can be installed several couples of equidistant and same director hammers. On the lower part of cutting and pulverizing chamber is installed the cleaning cylinder which has no holes or mesh cylinder. So it can achieve multiple use of a machine with pulverizing and cutting straw.

Characteristics of pulverizing-straw combinational machine:
1. Its frame is steel structure whose volume is small. It has light weight and can be moved conveniently.
2. It is installed the insurance device in order to avoid any gnawing knife events.
3. It adopts the advanced feeding structure which become the only one who has the feeding roller device so that it can feed the materials automatically. The transmission chain never tangles the straw so that it can feed the materials smoothly and can have high production efficiency.
4. The straw roller transmission shaft adopts the universal coupling so that it has compact structure, flexible operation and convenient disassembly and assembly.
5. It has multiple options of the supporting power so that the tractor,diesel and the motor can be used. It also can be used in the region where lack of electricity.
6. The blade is made by the excellent steel and processed by the special technique. So it is durable and wear-resisting. The machine adopts hight strength bolt so as to be used reliably.
7. The casing is welded by the thick steel plate continuously and the machine mold is nice and durable.
8. The price performance is superior and the price is less than that of the same level products.

Technical parameters of pulverizing-straw combinational machine:

Item Data
Supporting power Motor Power 4kW
Rotation speed 1440 r/min
Motor pulley Φ105mm
Diesel,tractor or tricycle Transmission type Belt transmission
power 8~12(horsepower)
Diesel pulley Φ135mm
Overall dimensions Transmission size:length×width×hight 510×982×1050(mm)
Using size:length×width×hight 1230×1150×1695(mm)
Triangle belt(matched with motor) B1650 three
Weight 138㎏
Rotation speed of the cutter head 800 r/min

Pulverizing-straw combinational machine
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