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Speed Change Rotavator

Speed change rotavator

1.It adopts plug type device so that it has simple structure and durable feature.
2. It can match with the tractor whose transmission shaft can rotate at the speed  540-1000
3.You can chose different rotation speed according to different working conditions and if matching different blades, it can finish many works like dry land tillage, stubble cleaning, paddy slurry mixing and land leveling,etc.
4.Wheeled trailing device solves the issue that the machine is over wide.
5.1GKNB350~500 adopts 10 gears box.

Mode 1GQNB-200 1GQNB-240
Cultivation degree 200 240
Depth of cultivation Dry farming 》=12           hydroponic type》=14
Blade mode 1T245
Blade number(half of the right or the left) 58 62
Tractor power(horsepower) 60-80 80-100
Rotation of power transmission shaft(r/min) 540          720
Knife shaft rotation speed (r/min) 254(low speed)   306(high speed)
Connecting way Three point suspension
Machine advancing speed (km/h) 2-5
Overall dimensions (mm) 950*2180*1100 950*2480*1100
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