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Anode Paste Briquetting Machine

Description of Anode Paste Briquetting Machine :
Anode Paste Briquetting Machine is an equipment which makes use of  specific working medium for transmission of pressure to compress molding of different raw materials.It professionally compresses anode paste, electrode paste,stone tar and other materials.Anode Paste Briquetting Machine is mainly used for manufacturing ball and making piece for  mineral powder of nonferrous metals,such as carbon powder,the anode paste, carbon electrode,metal magnesium,ash, dust removal,sludge,steel slag,iron essence pink,aluminum ash powder,silicon manganese ore powder, etc.
Advantages of Anode Paste Briquetting Machine :
(1)high efficiency.
(2)reliable working.
(3)low investment.
(4)easy maintance.
Main Technical Datas of Anode Paste Briquetting Machine:

ZYGF-0.5 ZYGF-1.0 ZYGF-1.5 ZYGF-2.0 ZYGF-2.5 ZYGF-3.0 ZYGF-5.0
Capatity(t/h) 0.5 1 1 2 2.5 3 5
Roller diameter Ф299 Ф367 Ф367 Ф399.5 Ф480 Ф522 Ф700
Roller wideth 110 183 183 232 196 196 225
Power(kw) 18.5 37 45 45 55 55 75
Decelerator ZQ650 ZQ850 ZQ850 ZQ850 ZQ1000 ZQ1250 ZQ1450
Roller material 9CY2Mn
Shaft shape and amount 7522/8 2097730/4 2097730/4 2097730/4 2097736/4 2097744/4 2097752/4
Production shape According to own needs to adjust
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