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Metal Powder Briquetting Machine

Metal powder briquetting machine is mainly used for waste material such as oxide,dust and mud, -ash, slag etc. as well as manganese powder, manganese alloy powder, fine ore and a variety of non-ferrous metals industry slag.
Thee series of ball press machine are the equipment pressing powdered materials into ball shape.The design of the product is mainly used for pressing dry powder into pellet material in the magnesium-making technology by pidgeon process .After many years of industrial use and improvement,compared to other similar products .The series of briquetting machines have many obvious advantages ,such as high pelletizing rate ,low consumed power ,compact structure ,easy maintenance and debugging thus ,it is a kind of ideal equipment for magnesioum-making technology by pidgeon process.
Main features of Metal Powder Briquetting Machine :
1.Professional design
3.Low-consumption,energy saving
4.Easy maintaince
5.High quality
Main Technical Parameter of Metal Powder Ball Press

Type Roll diameter(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw)
KHY290 290 1-3 5.5
KHY360 360 4-6 7.5
KHY430 430 6-8 1 1
KHY500 500 7-9 18.5-30
KHY650 650 10-15 22-37
KHY800 800 15-20 30-75
KHY850 850 20-25 75-90
KHY1000 1000 25-35 90-110
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