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Straw Fuel Briquette Machine

Straw fuel briquette machine is a full set of mechanized production equipment.It can convert biomass raw material and solid waste into high density and energy fuel. It is widely used in household stove, heating furnace,hot water boilers, industrial boilers, etc. The product of this machine can be used to heat boiler, fireplace, etc. for warm in house. As we knowen,it has become more and more important for companies to find low-cost methods of recycling their waste materials. This is especially true if these waste materials have a high energy content and we want to take them back into the energy cycle. Straw fuel briquette machine is designed for straw(sawdust) which have large volume and low density material to press tightly. This machine adopts Piston punching theory.
Piston Punching Theory:
1.Crush raw material of straw
2.They will be sent to pre-press room through screw conveyor. When piston comes back, material will be pre-pressed in compression tube, and then piston goes forward to make materials into die. After that material will be sent to forming tube and cooled.
3.They will be cut and packed.
Products features:
Small volume, convenient of resistant to burn, storage and transportation, volume is only 1/30 of the straw stalk, its density is 0.9-1.4g/cm3 can reach calorific value, 3500-5500 calories, is high volatile between a solid fuel.It is a kind of environmental protection, clean, the renewable new fuel. It can press all kinds of agriculture wastes into briquette, the products is biomass fuel, it can be run with electrical power and diesel power, the raw materials like stalk, the sawdust, the peanut shell, the corncob, the straw, each kinds of corps straw, and the moisture should be 10%-30%.

Motor Power(kw) 37
Capacity(kg/h) 1500-2000
Dimension of exterior(mm) 2290*1100*1400
Weight(kg) 1700
Raw material all kinds of stalk/straw/sawdust
Length of raw Material(mm) 2-15mm
Moisture of raw Material 13-28%
Density of finished Product(g/cm³) 0.9-1.4
Heating Capacity of finished Product(kcal/kg) 3500-5500
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