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Some basic introduction of oil press

1, Introduction of oil press
Oil press refers to the role of with the aid of external mechanical forces, squeezing oil from the oil out of the machine.
The bear's oil mill is divided into two categories: bear, oil mill screw press and hydraulic oil press.Most of them are in the market now is screw press (single screw press)
2,oil mill principle of work
when Oil mill runs, processed oil from the hopper into the pressing chamber.By pressing the spiral turn make the material in the embryo to advance, to squeeze.Due to material embryo in oil press press chamber was conducted in the motion state,Under the condition of pressing chamber pressure, fodder and squeezer, embryo and had a great frictional resistance between pressing chamber, so you can make friction between embryo micro material, resulting in relative motion.On the other hand,Because the squeezer root diameter is more  gradual, enlargement of pitch is dwindling,When press screw rotation, thread and material embryo that will move forward, it can flip outward again, at the same time,It is  lose to the material layer on the surface of the press screw thread and   also with pressing shaft rotation.
So every embryo material particles in the bore  is not a constant velocity, the same movement, but also there is relative motion between particles.Heat produced by friction and it  can meet the required to heat oil process operations,It Helps to material in the embryo protein denaturation, destroyed the colloid, increased the plastic,But also it is easy to precipitate oil to reduce the oil viscosity, thus improve the spiral oil press,That came out of the fuel oil press, and from the circular aperture and a row of gap flow out.
3, Preventive and  maintenance 

 (1) each work should be timely check the lubrication condition, 50 hours after reducer oil cup above cannot be short of oil,Within the cylinder squeezer shaft adjustment screw bearing should be adjusted screw hole out filling butter, dry grinding is forbidden.
 (2) the lubrication parts should prevent dust and other impurities go into,Reducer shall be checked once a year, when metamorphism is found, all the oil should be changed.When crushing amount is reduced, the bread or the oil is not normal,We should take out squeezer shaft, check squeezer, pressing bar, wear and tear on the head, the mouth in cake in cake, wearing parts to change in time.
 (3)after completion of daily work, we should clean the residual cake in machine, the machine surface dust wipe grease stain.
(4)the production end of the season,it should be a service, and will be squeezer, pressing bar, a cake head heavy oil unpick and wash, put in dry place.

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