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9FC series Hammer Grinder

9FC series Hammer Grinder

Features of Hammer Grinder:
This series hammer grinder mainly contains the frame and the rotor. The frame consists of  the upper cover and the lower base and it is separated into three parts by the two screens: a chamber in the center, and two air chambers in the left and the right side. The rotor is composed of spindle, left and right fans, rotor disk and the hammer,etc. When the rotor rotates in the high speed, the hammer will expand under the action of centrifugal force and the material which enter into the crushing chamber through feeding hopper will be crushed step by step by continuous beating and friction. And then the powder will enter into the air chamber under the action of fans. Finally , the finished products will be discharged through the discharging port.

Working principles of hammer grinder:
The machine is air hammer crusher. In the crushing chamber, the rotor rotates in the high speed and the materials are crushed into the shape of powder or pellet by the hammer' beating and the tooth plate's friction. And then they will run trough the screen and  will be sucked into the storage bag by  the centrifugal air machine.

Technical parameters of hammer grinder:

 Mode  9FC-330;9FC-360;9FC-420 9FC-350 9FC-260
 Suitable Fields  Feed, food, medicine, chemical industry straw,potatoes,crops various fodder,Chinese herbal medicine, quartz,coal and wood, etc
 Production Capacity  35-1000 kg/h 10-15 kg/h 100-350 kg/h
 Spindle Speed  3230-3800 r/min 6000 r/min  
 Feeding materials size  ≤14 mm 6mm 2.5-4mm
 Supporting Power  Three phase four level  5.5 KW Single phase two level   2.2kw Single phase two level 2.2KW
 Discharging Materials Size  0.9(0.8-1.2) mm    
 Overall Dimensions  712×672×732 mm 550*400*850mm 500*400*770mm
 Weight  156 kg 100kg 25kg
 Principles  Air hammer Crusher  

9FC series Hammer Grinder   9FC series Hammer Grinder
9FC series Hammer Grinder
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