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Convulsions Thresher

Convulsions Thresher

Features of Convulsions Thresher:
The appearance of this machine improves the working efficiency of  air thresher ,which is more than 100 times of manpower. The quality of this machine is excellent and its technic is mature. The  function is stable and it has high working efficiency, novel structure and strong practicability,simple operation, compact structure, high threshing rate, low broken  rate, light weight, moving simply,etc. You can continuously feed materials when it is working and the corn and corn cob can be separated automatically. The 750 Air thresher's threshing rate can reach to 99%.

Working principles of Convulsions Thresher:
After the corn enter into the threshing cylinder, under the action of the gear nails and the friction of the corn,  corn seeds will be separated and the separated seeds fall on the vibrating screen through the  slip board. Under the vibration of the screen, the seeds will fall under the screen. The crushed corn cob can be through out of the machine by the screen vibrating. The chaff and the miscellaneous objects will be thrown outside during the falling process.

Technical parameters of Convulsions Thresher:

Mode 210/230 Convulsions Thresher 750 Convulsions Thresher
Weight 32kg 200kg
Supporting Power Single phase two level 1.5-2.2kw 5.5-7.5kw    12 horsepower
Production Capacity 1500kg/h 8000kg/h
Electric Pressure 220v  
Spindle Speed 2800 r/min  
Overall Dimensions 750*400*950mm  

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