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feed mixer

Feed mixer can make a variety of feed into a uniform mixture, it also can increase the contact surface area between materials to promote chemical reaction; it also can accelerate physical changes, such as mixing granular solute and solvent, accelerate the dissolution of mixing through the role of mixing machinery.

Working method of feed mixer:
Put the feed from the mouth under the machine. The feed will be send to the top by the screw elevator in the machine, and then pour down along the wall of machine. Then repeat this process until the feed is blend well and completely. Then open the outlet mouth, take out the finished feed.

characteristics of feed mixer:
1. mixed in a state of weightlessness, it does not produce the circuit breakers and can be added to a variety of liquid;
2. short mixing time, mixing high evenness;
3. It does not leak materials,discharge quickly,no residue;
4. use multi-channel liquid additive system, it can be equipped with compressed air blowing system;
5. It applies to the premix, poultry, aquatic products, feed, additives, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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