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Forage Grinder

Forage grinder is applicable to grind granular materials, such as corn, beans, grains and wheat,etc. It can be used to cut off sweet potato, potato and other mounted objects, as well as grass, corn stalks and other coarse fibers.
9CFZ series forage grinder's main working parts are the hammer mounted on the rotor, blade. It can crush all kinds of granular raw materials, chopped grass, corn stalks and other forage. 9CFZ series forage grinder is a more widely used economical grinding equipment. It has many advantages,such as small size, light weight, installation, operation, easy maintenance, high production efficiency,etc.

The structure of forage grinder:
This machine is made of on body,under body,rotor assembly, screen films, feeding devices, rack components. Body and rotor assembly form a grinding chamber.The rotor assembly is the main working parts, Crushing materials and chopping forage is in the grinding chamber.

Working principle of forage grinder:
When it works,the raw materials enter into grinding chamber from hopper, and crush by striking of high rotation speed working parts, while changing the movement direction of materials. As high-speed rotation of the working parts damage the depositional of material layer,materials move with rotor, in the process, matarials get collision between working parts and body again and again,as well as collision, friction between materials.therefore,materials is crusher gradually to the geometric diameter smaller than the sieve diameter. Under the function of centrifugal force and air smash, crushed materials enter grinding chamber through the screen hole from the discharge port.

Technical parameters of forage grinder (table 1):

Model 9CFZ-32 9CFZ-40 9CFZ40-22
Shape Dimension(mm) 430*930*750 430*890*750 600*580*1200
Spindle Speed(r/min) 2800 2800 2800
Rotor Diameter(mm) 320 400 400
Host Weight(kg) 48 48 130
Matched Power(Kw) 2.2 Level 2 2.2 Level 2 7.5 Level 4

When the material (corn) and working conditions meet the requirements in Table 2, the main technical performance should be able to achieve the requirements in Table 3.
Table 2:
Water Content Capacity Level Working Voltage Feeding Status
12-14% 670-760Kg/m3 2 220 Homogeneous and Continuous

Table 3:
Model 9CFZ-32 9CFZ-40 9CFZ40-22
Productivity 300 300-400 1100-1300
Power Consumption for Tons of Material 11 11 11
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