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KF-280/300 Straw Pulverizer

KF-280/300 Straw Pulverizer

Features of KF-280/300 Straw Pulverizer:
The main working part is flat gear installed in the rotor and the circular gear can crush various particle raw materials. This machine is the widespread adoption of economic powder equipment. It has many advantages such as small body, light weight, simple installation, operation and repair and high production efficiency and so on. The machine is mainly composed of  the upper body, cover, the rotor, screen, feeding equipment and the frame , etc. The body and the rotor form the crushing chamber and the rotor assembly chamber is the main working parts. Crushing materials will be finished in the crushing chamber. After  the material enter into crushing chamber the circular gear and the flat gear will beat and rub continuously and then crush the materials into powder and pulpous state. Under the action of centrifugal force and the air, the finished materials will be discharged from the discharging port through the screen.This machine can crush corn, wheat, bean, straw, various vine and potatoes, etc.

Main technical parameters of KF-280/300 Straw Pulverizer:

Model 280/300 Hay cutting crusher
Spindle Speed 4200 r/min
Diameter of Rotor 280mm
Number of Flat Gear 6
Number of Circular Gear 8
Motor Electric Pressure 220v
Supporting Power Singe phase two level   2.2-3 KW
Production Capacity 70-800 kg/h
Weight 45kg
Overall Dimensions 500*500*980

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