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KF-330 Straw Pulverizer

KF-330 straw pulverizer

Features and usage of KF-330 straw pulverizer:
This series crusher is the new technological product with the mechanical and electrical integration and it can crush  all kinds of pellet raw materials like corn, sorghum, wheat,bean and the other materials. This machine has simple structure and it is durable, reliable, installed easily and operated conveniently. It also has small vibration and high production rate and it is suitable to fodder plant using alone or  using as supporting equipment.

Structure and the working principles of KF-330 straw pulverizer:
The casing of  this series machine is adopted the welded steel structure  whose motor and the crusher rotor are installed in one base. The shaft of the motor and the spindle adopt the straight point elastic coupling transmission so as to make the transmission keep stable and balance. Through the acting balance test, the rotor can  work in the positive and negative direction. The operation door has the interlocking device( except 56*36 type) to guarantee that the interlocking is unopen when the rotor is working. The feeding hopper is on the top of the crusher and can  be matched with various feeding equipment. When the crusher is working , the materials will be feed from the top of the machine through the related feeding parts and then  they will be guided into the left or right crushing chamber by the feeding guide plate. Under the high-speed beating and the friction of screen, the materials will be crushed step by step and will be discharged from the discharging port  under the action of centrifugal force through the screen holes.

Main technical parameters of KF-330 straw pulverizer:

Model 330 Hay cutting crusher Suitable material  All kinds of straws
Suitable Cultivation industry Working capacity 600-1500(kg/h)
Spindle Speed 4000(r/min) Weight 150(kg)
Motor Power 5.5-7.5(KW) Overall dimensions 1000*600*750(m)

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