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KF-660 Corn Peeling Thresher

KF-660 Corn Peeling Thresher

Features of KF-660 Corn Peeling Thresher:
This machine produced by our company is high-efficiency and energy-saving. Its  integrated structure with the peeling and threshing operation mode reduces the farmers' working labor that the working capacity is two times more than the other equipment while the investment is half of the other's. It can save labor and it is convenient,reliable, low energy-consuming and low repairing cost. It can thresh seeds 1500 kg/h and the broken rate just is less than 1%. It can peel 8000-10000 ear/hour and the peeling rate can be more than 97%.

Technical parameters of KF-660 Corn Peeling Thresher:

Mode 660 peeling thresher
Overall Dimensions 1000mm*300mm*800mm
Weight 40kg
Working Air Pressure Normal pressure m pa
Fixed Power 2.2-3KW
Production Capacity 1500kg/h

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