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Knife type Straw Returning Machine

knife type straw returning machine

The cutting part of the machine is the straight blade. When it is working, the power of the tractor will be conveyed to the gear box by the universal connecting device and then it will drive the blade shaft and the blade to rotate at the high speed by the second speed increasing of the belt. Under the auxiliary function of the feeding hopper pressure, the straw will be fed in to the casing and it will meet the first row of blades so that it is cut in the first time. When the straw flow into the clearance of the pulverizing blade and the back fixed blade, the straw will meet the second time cutting and finally they will be throw on the fields by the air.
The blade adopts the excellent quality steel and the edge is welded with the wear-resisting alloy so that it has higher hardness and wear-resisting. the blade adopts spiral line distribution blade so that it has stable function and small vibration. Because it has many blades and adopts cutting methods to crush the straw, it has low power consumption, high working efficiency and good quality of cutting straw.

Technical parameters:

Model Overall Dimensions(mm) Supporting Power (horsepower) Production Capacity (a) Blade Type and Number Working Range (cm)
4Q-1.8Z 1300×2050×1050 70-100 ≥9 Straight 114 1.8
4Q-1.6Z 1300×1850×1050 50-70 ≥8 Straight 96    1.6
4Q-1.5Z 1300×1750×1050 50-70 ≥7.5 Straight 90 1.5
4Q-1.3Z 1300×1550×1050 35-50 ≥6.5 Straight 78 1.3

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