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Wood flour processing

Generally speaking threre are no strict requirements for the application of wood flour in wood technology, wood flour of various types of wood and plant fiber can be used (wood processing sawdust, scraps crushed can),processing did not affect the main requirements of a variety of wood flour particle size is generally 20 to 100 mesh, on this basis, to ensure that the wood flour and plastics in mixed before drying. General wood flour moisture content should be controlled within 3%. Drying equipment can be electrically heated, and can also be used to microwave heating and drying or natural drying. After drying of the wood flour should be stored is dry (indoor), not the second moisture absorption, greater impact Otherwise, it will be processed. Need to mention that with the exhaust function with extruders, especially twin-screw extruder processing of wood materials, not wood flour special drying, just sunlight under natural drying can direct extrusion processing.

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