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The working principle of wood poweder machine

1.A wood powder machine make from three parts of the crushing chamber,the plug file room,air chamber.
2.Crushed tool alloy knife, the tool is a professional manufacturers.
3.Attached machine; screening machine, powder collector, dust collector composition.
4.Host the grinding chamber alloy knife, high-speed operation of the grinder rotor driven by the motor, so that the machinery to produce high-speed airflow of the crushed material to produce high-intensity impact force, compression force, cutting force, friction, to achieve a unique crushed.
5.Alloy knife grinding process, rotation of rotor to generate high-speed airflow with the blade direction, the material in the air flow to accelerate and repeated shocks, cutting friction by three crushing effect, by the air flow in by the parser rotor centrifugal force Shiyou centripetal force the role of the centrifugal force is greater than the centripetal force, fine with the air flow into the cyclone, coarse particles into the centrifugal grinding chamber to re-continue to smash until you are satisfied with the degree of fineness.
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