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Application and regulation of the wood flour machine

There are  three parts to maintain when you use wood powder machine  .First: the adjustment of the gap between the wood flour machine knives with liner: the smaller the gap, fineness finer, and vice versa on the crude. Second: the air volume control: wood flour machine can adjust the size of the air volume, large air volume of fineness, the fineness of the air volume,transferred to the desired fineness can be continuously produced.Third: You can also increase or decrease in the number of wood flour machine tool.Wood flour machine is mainly applicable in cork powder, wood grain, wood, leather grain, tooth material, shrimp powder, star anise powder, pepper powder, chili powder, pepper, refined cotton, feathers, feather stems miscellaneous bamboo powder, Li hide powder,miscellaneous bamboo powder, chestnut leather powder, rice straw, wheat bran, rice husk, wood stick, ballast potato, cassava, herbs, fish meal and other fiber materials grinding processing, from the perspective of industry, is mainly used for mosquito coils, buildingpaper, plastic, incense, bakelite, fodder, herbs and other raw materials processing industry, whose role is essential.Some herbs can also be used processed into herbal medicine processing of wood flour machine, so you can also engage in the drug class industry, other mosquito coil industry, paper industry, building materials industry and so on and so forth. It can be seen that the wood flour machine can bring to the market space is very large, another good rich opportunities.
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