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How do you control the oil temperature of the oil press

 A lot of professionally trained staff to the oil press temperature is gradually increasing, or even take the smoke which is a normal phenomenon in the process of the operating oil press. But this is a normal phenomenon, in the oil press and to ensure that a key step in reducing the life of the oil press accessories, so when operating the equipment, we are hoping to better understand these things, in order to better master these skills, and began to squeeze, squeeze the chamber temperature is low, a slow twist, withered section stud on the handle, increasing cake thickness, while increasing the moisture into virgin billet, to be the virgin bore temperature. Rose to about 90 ℃, oil press often running out of cake thickness adjusted to 1.5 ~ 2.5mm, and tighten the nut to tighten the normal operation of the oil press, oil content of fuel oil are mostly concentrated in the article ranked and the former group of exhausting the place. Row at the oil accounts for about 60% of the total amount of oil, the group round row at about 30%; the end of the discharge of oil into droplets is not a line, the oil color is very clear. Squeeze two or three times repeated can be the rapeseed or soy Youzha of do, oily more of diesel during this period can be uniformly doped in the embryo of human material crushing, cutting to maintain uniformity and avoid erratic, otherwise will affect the life of the oil press and oil yield.
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