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The oil press's maintenance

(A) After oil press works 50 hours, you should check lubrication. Oil cup on the gear box shall not be short of oil. Screw inside bearing adjusted by squeezer should add butter through adjusting the screw holes in each class time. Dry grinding is strictly prohibited.
(B) lubrication to prevent intrusion of dust and other impurities, a year to check the gearbox oil quality time, such as to detect deterioration, should replace all the oil.
(C) When the crush to reduce out of the cake or the oil is not normal, you should squeeze screw out, check the virgin snails, pressing, cake ring wear, worn-out parts must be promptly replaced (long-term supply of spare parts ).
(D) the work shifts after the end of the residual cake, should be cleared within the machine to clean the machine surface dust, grease.
(E) After production season end and oil press is in long-term storage,you should be carried out a maintenance and squeezed screw, pressing the cake circle washable re-oiled, palcing a dry place, so it can ensure oil press to use more long-term.
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