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Wood powder machine's maintenance methods in daily use

1.  The screen should always be checked. If you find some problems,you should timely repair and replacement it. When the screen appears wear or be breakdown by foreign body, if the damaged area is not available, the method of riveting can repair it; you should replaced a new screen when the damaged area is large.
2,The regular lubrication and replace for the bearings is necessary. After working  300 hours,grinder's bearings should be cleaned. When grinder's bearings have serious wear or damage,you should replace timely,and pay attention to enhance lubrication.
3. Crushed tooth claw and hammer wear should be replaced promptly. In order to ensure the rotor running balance, change gear claw should pay attention to the complete replacement of the change should be done after the static balance test, so that the grinder job stability. Tooth claw assembly to the nut tight, and be careful not to leave the spring washer. When to change gear selection of qualified, single tooth claw weight should not exceed 1-1.5 g. Hammer chip crusher hammer some symmetric, when the sharp corners blunt hammer to the opposite angle adjustment; end of the corners have wear, you should turn around and use. In addition, fixed hammer pin and install pin hole due to wear, the pin will gradually grinded hole will gradually wear narrow than the original size when the pin diameter 1 mm, hole diameter than the original size of grinding 1 mm welding repair or replacement.
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